Match your kicks with your outfit. Everytime

Ever had a lit ensemble for the occassion but your kicks just don't blend in?

Take a picture of your outfit and generate a blending color. Send the color to your shoes in-app and your kicks print out the color that allows you to stand out and shine.


Designed for today

Built with attention to detail, LitKicks deliver premium foot care, comfort and a unique way to shine all day every day.

Our process integrates technology, art and environmentalism in a product that speaks about your uniqueness.

Any color

Using award-winning FlexTrace digital flex screens, LitKicks are able to present high-quality color, luminence and exposure.

Green sole

Over 60% of the material used to manufacture your kicks is sourced from sustainable recycling chains across Africa.

App companion

Use LitKicks app to manage your color options and share your art creations with other LitKicks owners across the world.

Self cleaning

Combining dirt-resistant material and odor-eliminating ion packs, your kicks are always fresh and ready for an adventure.


litkicks app preview

Snap your outfit

Snap your outfit. Alternatively, select Gallery to pick out a picture of your choice from your storage.

Our ColorGen algorithm will generate a complementary color palette based on the dominant colors captured in your picture.


litkicks app preview

Adjust your light

Have a look at the the colors generated from the picture uploaded and adjust them to your liking.

You can also select color palettes from your previous designs and community creators and members.


litkicks app preview

Grace the streets

Your connected LitKicks will creatively illuminate with the color combination that you selected.

Go ahead and share your creativity and style with the rest of the world!

litkicks app preview

You are the community

You will love the LitKicks as much as you will love the Community behind it.

Share your lit color palettes, find nearby LitKicks and share your passion for creative and stylish footwear.

litkicks app preview

Create the next LitPair

We trust your creative instinct and how you wear it with passion.

We are entrusting the creation of the next LitPair in our collaboration over product usage and insight.

Coming soon

leg putting on white canvas

Here’s a blank canvas.

Let us see what you can do.

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